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The following searchable database is a complete collection of presidential proclamations from George Washington to George W. Bush. The sources used are described in detail in the Data Sources page.For permission to cite, please contact Brandon Rottinghaus ( When citing, please use the following citation: Citation: Brandon Rottinghaus and Jeremy Bailey, Presidential Proclamations Data [online]. Houston, TX: University of Houston (hosted database).
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Search tips:

  • If you select one variable (eg, president or year), all cases that match that criteria will be displayed.
  • To search for joint cases (eg, President Eisenhower's proclamations on trade policy in 1956) simply select or fill in the appropriate categories in each selection box and the joint results will appear.
  • A number in the "Proclamation Number" category means that there is an official government designation for that proclamation.  No number means that the presidential determination functions like a proclamation but is officially listed as something else such as a the establishment of a treaty or additions or alterations to public lands (see Data Sources).

    This searchable database is still in progress. For instance, searching by date may not yield all results. Check back often for updates


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