Presidential Proclamations Project at the University of Houston

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We would like to thank several students for research assistance over the years, including Josh Harman, Hayley Klein, Erin Toolan, Jon Cooper, Nathan Hosey, Alan Steinberg, Scott Robinson, Ching-Sing Wang and Shellee O'Brien. Special thanks to Michelle Belco for her guidance and research on legal matters related to proclamations. 

Thanks are due to the University of Houston (especially the Department of Political Science) for their continued support.  Special thanks are due to the Idaho Humanities Council for research support from 2006 to 2007 which helped us initiate the project.   A generous grant from the National Science Foundation (Award #1237627) assisted in the completion of these data.

Department of Political Science | Office: 447 Phillip Guthrie Hoffman Hall | (713) 743-3890